When Is the Right Age to Start Talking to Your Kids About Addictions?

The chance of their children battling drug addiction is one of the scariest thoughts that any parent can face. Kids who have parents who have frank, open discussions with them about the dangers of drugs are much more likely to avoid the dangers of drug addiction. In order to have good communication with your children about the evils of drug addiction, follow this guide to know how and when to discuss it with them.

Ages Four to Seven

Many parents do not talk about drugs with their kids at this young age, and that is a huge mistake. Children are very impressionable when they are young, and talking with them about the dangers of drugs when they are young will make a lifelong impression. Talk with young kids about the dangers of drugs. When they see someone smoking on TV or in real life, use it as a chance to expose them to the dangers that nicotine presents. Use that as a springboard to let them know that there are many harmful drugs out there that are best avoided.

Ages Eight to Twelve

This is when the discussion will start to become more two-sided. Encourage your kids between the ages of eight to twelve to come forward with any questions that they have. Always answer them in a non-judgmental fashion. Be honest about drugs. Do not make anything up. If your kids catch you in a lie about drugs, then they are likely to avoid coming to you in the future with any questions or problems they encounter.

Ages Thirteen to Eighteen

This is when the dangers of drug use start to become a real pressure in your child’s life. They will start to be exposed to peers using drugs and alcohol. If you have kept up an open dialogue with them over the years, then they are likely to come to you when they are faced with these issues. Be sure to encourage them to come to you with any problems they face. Let them know that you will not judge them, and that they can always come to you no matter how serious the problem may appear to be.

It is especially important to let teenagers know the dangers of drinking and driving. Let them know how one night’s bad decision can lead to legal problems, injury and even death. Don’t try to scare them. Just let them know calmly what the dangers are. You can learn more at addictiontreatmentrehab.com.