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Adoption and the struggles faced by children

Children who go through the adoption process can feel the pressure and stress alongside their prospective parents. Many issues can revolve around adoption and some include the feeling of grief when someone finds out they have been adopted, they may feel loss of a relationship with their birth parents and loss of connection with those who have brought them up. Some of the struggles are feeling abandoned and rejected by their birth parents. Some cases where the birth parents have gone on to have children and bring them up may hurt them because they feel they were not good enough. Teenagers are most vulnerable of feeling a loss of identity.

There can be missing medical records, another issue, and unfortunately this may mean that any new Doctor will be missing out on important information about the child.

Some children actively seek their birth family and express their interest in locating them to find out who they are, what they do and why they were adopted. Others choose not to locate their birth family and continue life as it is. Some do this because they are scared of hurting their parents who brought them up and losing their bond with them.

Family Education advises parents on how to deal with problems and struggles when children find out they are adopted. Raising an adopted child may require additional help from professionals as they can experience a difficult time but there is usually a solution and the family can get back on track. A number of key organisations have been set up and are trying to improve the adoption process for everybody involved and affected. 

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