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Disability Tips That Reduce Stress and Save Time

Many people with one or more disabilities that make it impossible for them to work at a level that maintains any positive living standard hesitate to apply for Social Security disability benefits because of horror stories they have heard from family, friends and other patients about the approval process. A common element in those stories often involves extremely ill patients stuck for years fighting to receive benefits. Another common element involves patients with rare or invisible conditions having the most difficulty proving that they need help.

Follow these tips to make the entire disability benefits request process easier:

Seek Out Healthcare Allies

Successful patients often had healthcare allies on their side. Healthcare allies are doctors and specialists who have excellent reputations in their fields of medicine and proven knowledge and experience with your specific type of disability or disabilities. These physicians have confirmed your diagnosis and agree that you need disability benefits because you can no longer work. It is important to have multiple allies to reduce any questions about whether you have been diagnosed correctly. Additionally, if possible, look into setting up a palliative care team to create a positive impression that you have done everything possible to improve your health.

Be Honest About Your Suffering

You can expect a lot of questions about your health and life during the interview questionnaire stage. It is important that you provide a detailed account of your day-to-day activity levels and examples of how your condition impacts your ability to function. Patients who have received approval often did nothing any differently than those who were denied disability except provide a brutally honest and detailed account of their suffering.

Prepare for the Worst

A lot of patients receive denial letters. Sometimes the problem stems from healthcare facilities not providing medical records in a timely process. Sometimes a simple application mistake leads to a denial. It is easy for those suffering through one or more serious illnesses to dwell on the worst and think that a denial means that life can only go downhill. You have several options. You can appeal the decision and request a hearing. If that action too fails, you can also appeal at the federal level.

Seek Professional Help

Since stress can exacerbate the symptoms of most major medical conditions, seek professional help from a law firm that specializes in the Social Security disability process like Myler Disability if you receive a denial letter. A disability lawyer can advocate on your behalf so that you are not using up precious energy and causing yourself unnecessary stress. Most disability lawyers also do not charge for their services unless they win your case.

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