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How to Keep Kids Safe Online with ShieldMyTeen

Cyber space has filled up with a considerable amount of threats in recent years, and the biggest victim of it is the smartphone generation. Through the likes of Android phones and other web-connected devices, the latter remain connected to the online world round the clock, thus finding itself exposed to all sorts of dangers, including pornography, violent content, cyberbullying, etc. As a parent, you should not remain a mere spectator as you kids find themselves susceptible to these dangers. Instead, you should make an effort to keep them safe. Since doing it on your own may not be the most viable option, the best thing for you to do is to seek help from ShieldMyTeen, a parental control app that comes equipped with a variety of powerful monitoring, blocking and reporting features. This tool can help you in a lot of ways, but its main focus is on empowering you to shield your kids from most of the online threats.

Creating a Child-Friendly Digital Environment

With ShieldMyTeen at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about your kids sneaking into the inappropriate areas on the web. Once installed on the target smartphone, it lets you block access to sites that contain pornographic content, or any other kind of content that you don’t deem appropriate or safe for minors. To add convenience to the process of making internet more child-friendly, the nifty parental control app lets you completely filter the web, thus creating a digital environment that you can let your youngsters explore freely without worrying about them stumbling across something that is unsuitable for someone their age.

Supervising Web History

Despite child-proofing the web, chances are your kids will not rest until they’ve found a way over the digital restrictions that you’ve put in place. You don’t have to worry about the reliability of your earlier measure because ShieldMyTeen also lets you view every single URL that your kids access on the monitored smartphone. This helps you gain assurance that your kids are indeed staying away from inappropriate sites and content, and also lets you discover any threat that you may have overlooked earlier.

Protection Against Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is another huge problem nowadays, and your kid could very well be a victim of it as well. More often than not, kids keep a thing like this to themselves because they don’t want to appear as weak. However, you’re probably already aware of just how important it is to deal with this issue right away because if the attacks of cyberbullies sink in, they can do some serious psychological damage to your youngster. If you suspect your kid of being trapped in a cyberbullying situation but are struggling to get any details out of them, then ShieldMyTeen can help you. It comes with the SMS monitoring feature that can help you keep an eye on the messages they receive or send. If they’re getting insulting, intimidating, or threatening messages on their smartphone, you’ll know right away. Furthermore, they may be hiding their pain from you, but chances are they’d be discussing everything in detail with a friend, which is why monitoring their texts can prove really helpful.

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