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How we can all fight air pollution as discussed by Ryan Jacob CAE

Ryan Jacob CAE

of California is a college student who loves NFL and NBA and many other sports, he loves to keep fit and promote general health including a healthy planet for us and our future. He uses his knowledge and expertise to try and bring this to the knowledge of the public and is often seen in the news on this basis.


We are all becoming increasingly aware of plastic pollution and air pollution in our environment and CAE Ryan Jacob knows that we must all individually do our bit, not just in California but worldwide, as these problems are already out of hand. Each year one million people die of pollutant related problems, so this issue is serious. So, what can we do? Where do we start here are some really simple things that we can start doing immediately?


Something that we could all look to do is start to use public transportation or walk. Walking is good for our personal fitness, so getting up that twenty or thirty minutes earlier to walk to our destination is a win, win situation.  If you have to take the car then make sure you drive smart, this is driving within the speed limit and don’t overfill your car if you can avoid it, also keep your car tyres inflated and check them out at regular intervals as well as the rest of your car. Also, do you really need that 4×4, wouldn’t a more ecologically friendly vehicle do more for your street cred these days? You don’t want to be seen as a defendant at a dinner party who needs to clarify why he is polluting every ones atmosphere unnecessarily.


Then at home why not think about starting a garden with your children, they will love the activity and watching the vegetables and plants take root. Also, in your house be energy efficient, turn off lights and other electrical devices, do not leave devices on stand by when they are out of use as this will still use electricity. Get a smart meter fitted so that you can see the energy being used, it is very surprising how addictive it becomes to reducing the readings which can sometimes increase when you believe you are not using any electrical energy at all and then you need to find the culprit!


If you are able you could introduce renewable energy to your home e.g. hydroelectric, wind or solar power. When you live somewhere as hot as California then it seems futile not to use the power of the sun which is available most of the year round and is not only saving our planet but also our pockets. In the same way dry your clothes outside in the beautiful sunshine and do not waste energy doing this. Clothes are so much nicer when they dry naturally, and it helps to save the planet where we live.


Help Ryan Jacob CAE in his fight for clean Air Engineering, after all it isn’t just his fight, it is our planet.



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