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NovaStar Appraisals – The Most Important Elements of a Home Purchase

Going into the market to purchase a home is exciting and uplifting. A home purchase in addition to being the largest purchase you will likely make in your lifetime, signals that you are ready to join an exclusive club of people who own rather than rent. It has been shown at home ownership raises morale, and gives people a level of pride that few other things can.


The process of purchasing a home it’s complicated, with many different parts and elements that must be worked through to completion. However there’s certain things that should be conducted that will make the process easier to navigate. Here’s a list of a few of the most important of those things.

Knowing the Market

One of the best ways to get the home that you want is to know the market. You need to do the research to understand what’s available in the areas that you are interested in, and what the prices are for those homes. Home shoppers can find themselves with sticker shock because they haven’t done the research to discover what homes cost.


You may find that you need to adjust your desires based on your current home budget. Or you might find that you can actually afford much more house than you thought originally. In either case, this is valuable information to know when you go shopping for your home. You can also see what is available in terms of home styles. Perhaps that ranch home you dreamed about simply is not on the market or the last colonial with the amount of bedrooms you want sold. You might discover you need to adjust the type of home you will purchase or to wait until the type of home you want comes on line.


Getting Pre-approved

Getting pre-approved means going to a bank and finding out how large of a loan you can get for a home. The process will take some time and will require you to provide lots of detail information about your current income, current liabilities, and credit score. They will also look at your stability over the recent past. Have you paid your bills on time? You might find that you need to jettison some bills that you have, pay off credit card debt, and even fix your credit in order to receive the loan. Doing this early positions you to understand the price of the home that you can pursue. Many homeowners who don’t do this fine that they fall in love with the house, but cannot get a loan to buy that home.


The Appraisal

An appraisal is a process where a licensed and reputable company how does evaluation on the home that you’re interested in. Reputable companies like NovaStar Appraisals, Inc. provide this service for home sellers and buyers so that they understand accurately what the home is worth. The appraisal is used to set a Baseline for the home sale price and for both buyer and seller to understand what is happening in the marketplace. There are comparables in the appraisal to similar homes in the neighborhood and all elements of the home identified are taken into account. The appraisal is also used by lenders to determine the actual value of the home. This is why it is important to hire company like Novastar Appraisals, because lenders will accept their appraisals as legitimate ad use them to help determine how much to loan a buyer.


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