How to Fight Computer Addiction in Teens

Curbing computer addiction in growing children is one of the challenges faced by modern day parents. Computers can be an endless source of amusement for teenagers, especially after the introduction of social networking sites, online dating, and the easy, free access to powerful online gaming platforms.

Deciding when enough is enough, in terms of excessive computer use is not easy. Some children simply outgrow this phase of their life and become well-adjusted individuals, others however may become even more addicted to computer use and start to experience social, emotional and even psychological problems.

Perhaps inability to adapt to the surrounding world in social and emotional aspect is one of the biggest problems for computer addicted teenagers. The computer creates a virtual world around the child, a world which is quite far from the real one in many respects.

  • Computers can distort reality, a young mind which is still developing is highly susceptible to the effects of excess computer use. Violent computer games, relatively easy access to websites with pornographic or disturbing content, as well as the risks of online date finding, can distort the perception of a young person.

  • Although computer use these days is much more social as compared to what it used to be, lack of real interaction between the teenager and their peers and friends can lead to permanent inability to maintain healthy relationships with intimate partners, family circle etc. later on.


  • There is also a physical side to computer addiction. Spending large portions of one’s day sitting in front of a computer will definitely have a detrimental effect on health and physique. Obesity, myopia, vascular problems, bad eating habits and lack of sleep are just some of the physical problems that come with excess computer use. Not addressing the problem timely can lead to serious health problems later on in life.

There is no universal solution to the computer addiction problem. Child psychologists remind that computer addiction is as powerful as drug addictions, which makes things more complex. Parents must find the right way to break the addiction, perhaps this is best done gradually. Here are some suggestions:

  • Limit computer use per day, make the child spend no longer than one or two hours in front of the screen; however if the computer is being used for school work or other educational activities you can be a little more liberal.

  • If the problem is serious, install a computer program that will log off the child when time is up, this won’t work if your kid is tech savvy though, plus the wide use of smartphones somewhat defies your efforts.

  • Move the computer to an open area of the house – don’t let the child keep it in their bedroom; usually this limits excess use, plus you keep an eye on what the kid is doing.


  • Try and find out what your child does online in order to pinpoint the problem, this is not easy and infringes their privacy but it is justified means to an end; restricting access to addictive programs, sites and games will cause their wrath but you should stand your ground.


  • Engage the child in different off-computer activities; consider their hobbies and interest (if there are any besides the computer), perhaps sports, interaction with other children etc.


  • Adopt the carrot and the stick approach – make your teenager do chores or help you with something, then reward them with a limited amount of time on the computer.

Teenagers will not hand over their computer privileges easily, be ready for tantrums and dramas, but stand firm as the problem must be dealt with as early as possible.

David Drasnin is a freelance writer who loves discussing topics like cars, gadgets, latest mobile apps, sports and movies. Currently he is involved in a number of projects the most current of them being a mutual initiative with Reliant Computer Services.

5 DIY Holiday Gift Basket Design Ideas

There are all kinds of holidays throughout the year that might call for a gift basket. While many of us focus on the winter holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and so on), as this is the time of year when massive gifting is more or less expected, you may also be the type to give gifts on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, and even Veteran’s Day. Although the number of recipients will likely be more limited, you may still want to create cute Easter baskets for kids or honor the veterans in your life with more than a card or a simple thank you for their service to our country. And gift baskets are a great way to show you care, offer some special and useful items to your loved ones, and save a little money over buying a major gift. Here are just a few design ideas that can help you to add the wow factor to your gift baskets, no matter the holiday. Continue reading 5 DIY Holiday Gift Basket Design Ideas

5 Fun Kids Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

A celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has become a worldwide celebration of Irish ancestry and culture. Outside of wearing green, your kids might not do much to participate in the holiday. But like most any holiday, St. Patrick’s Day could prove a day of learning, having fun and giving to those in need. Create memories with any of these fun and potentially educational activities to celebrate the holiday.


1. Teach Them About St. Patrick

How many people actually know about the history of St. Patrick, a saint who spent years in captivity? Read to your children about St. Patrick with an age-appropriate book. After you read to them, encourage them to give to charity by buying products that support charitable causes to help those who suffer like he did. Take them out for a day of shopping at a non-profit organization, and ask them to buy something green.

Lead by example and do the same yourself, especially for large purchases. For instance, instead of buying that brand new boat you’ve had your eye on, check a list of available donated boats and buy one from an organization that gives profits to charity. Let your children know why you choose to shop secondhand through charitable organizations.

2. Practice a Traditional Irish Dance

Search for traditional Irish dance instruction videos online and practice a jig with your kids. There are four basic types of Irish dance to start out with:

  • Slip jig
  • Light jig
  • Single or “hop” jig
  • The reel

Practice one or try all of them. Practice throughout the day, and if you want to have some extra fun, have everyone dress up in green or even traditional Irish clothing as you dance. Give a performance to your spouse or the kids’ grandparents or friends at the end of the day, or just keep it simple and have fun together. To keep up the charitable acts of the day, perform the dances for a retirement home.

3. Hold a Pot o’ Gold Scavenger Hunt

When it comes to entertaining kids, you can’t go wrong with a scavenger hunt, but you can add a little St. Patrick’s Day twist by making it a “pot o’ gold” scavenger hunt. Write the clues on green paper in rhyme, and try to incorporate symbols associated with the holiday – leprechauns, Irish hats, shamrocks, etc. – as much as possible into the locations where the kids are looking. Make the final goal a black cauldron full of chocolate gold coins or fake golden coin jewelry, and ask your children to share their “riches” with others.

4. Craft With Shamrocks

Shamrocks are practically synonymous with the day, so charge your children with cutting shamrock shapes out of green construction paper with stencils and scissors. Use the shamrocks to decorate the home or make a necklace or other crafts. If you start the shamrock project a day or two early, your child can decorate the shamrocks and pass them out to everyone else at school on the actual holiday. You could also arrange to visit a hospital, retirement home or shelter to pass out the crafts.

5. Bake Traditional Irish Foods

Children aren’t typically known for their willingness to try a lot of foods, but it will still prove educational and perhaps even surprising to bake traditional Irish foods with your kids on St. Patrick’s day. Some ideas include:

  • Corned beef and cabbage
  • Irish lamb stew
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Reuben casserole
  • Baked potato soup
  • Irish soda bread

Even if your kids refuse to eat more than a bite, you can invite other adults over for dinner to help you eat your kitchen creations, or even take the food to a shelter. For the kids, serve potatoes and something they’ll eat, like some basic grilled beef you set aside before making corned beef and cabbage. You can bake and serve green-colored, decorated cakes, cookies or cupcakes for them, too. It may not be Irish per se, but it’ll still help your kids get invested in the day.

The United States Census Bureau reports that 34.7 million Americans have some Irish ancestry, more than seven times the number of people who live in Ireland. It’s thanks to holidays like St. Patrick’s Day that children can learn more about the culture and history of their past — and even if you don’t claim any Irish ancestry, there’s no reason not to get in on the fun. Have an educational, fun holiday with your kids this year, one where you emphasize giving, and come to see the holiday as more than just a day for adults and drinking.

About the Author: Ella Fairbanks is a child psychologist and mother of two who blogs about crafting and cooking on a frequent basis.

How to choose best puzzle game for your children

puzzle-gamesWe talked in this post about the puzzles for children, so I will not affect the benefits they have for their concentration and intellectual development. What is essential, in my view, is that they are a challenge for children and a source of self-esteem rise if we hit the puzzle suitable for the child’s age. Mind you, if we fail, they can be the exact opposite.

Therefore, I believe it is essential to start with puzzles below their capabilities and go from there gaining confidence to tackle more complicated. The truth is that the puzzles that happen in the second or third attempt, the puzzle in question are dominated to the point to finish it alone. Here comes into play the memory and association of colors and places, which is also positive but on another level, but leaves out the strategy and the ability to attack and solve a puzzle from scratch unfamiliar. Puzumi can give you best puzzle game for your kids.

You may or may not agree to this technology as a child at such a young age and as parents is their choice, but what is undeniable is that teachers and educators have no problem in pointing out that a moderate use of a touch device like this is very positive for children. Promotes creativity, independence, entertain, sharing and the bonds of family unity. But again, like many things in perspective is positive and our responsibility as parents is the entertainment dose for the child does not focus on a single activity, however striking it for him.

Another exercise at home to understand the utility of adding. This time we use cards with the numbers to which we added the ‘+’ symbol and the symbol ‘=’. With the help of parts built in the style of LEGO , but larger, this is how we stack many blocks indicate 2 cards to score and ultimately put both buildings on top of each other to proceed to have the result .

The sums, with varied exercises here and there, go on to become an answer naturally is memorized from the games. Have opportunities everywhere, just trying to be a little creative and spend a little time to try. The sums, with this simple mechanism, have no small mystery and Carlos hits all questions with little difficulty. With games like this, and handles confidently with sums 1 , 2 and 3, and each time the meet with greater agility and speed. Roundominoes Puzzle is a good one for your kids brain development.

Breastfeeding In Public: To Do Or Taboo?

In some areas of society, breastfeeding is still very much a taboo subject but, although the subject itself is taboo, the act of breastfeeding isn’t. Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, it is important that you know your rights. In the UK, we are incredibly lucky. The Equality Act (2010) made it illegal for anyone to ask a breastfeeding woman to leave a public place such as a cafe, shop or public transport and, as a result, there’s absolutely no reason why the issue should be taboo. Despite this, some women do still feel slightly uneasy. Here’s how you can make breastfeeding in public as simple as possible:

Making Yourself Feel Comfortable

Whether you choose to breastfeed in public or not, the choice should be entirely yours. If you choose to do it then it could mean that you’re breastfeeding in front of a relative or friend. Most brand new mothers only breastfeed in their own home to begin with but the whole process seems much less scary as soon as you begin and after a few weeks, you’re likely to feel more confident about breastfeeding in front of other people. To aid this process, you need to make yourself as comfortable as possible. So, what can you do? Here are just a few ideas.

Clothing: What you wear when you breastfeed is completely up to you. Some women prefer to wear something baggy and have the baby up their top, whereas others would much rather wear specific baby feeding tops and maternity dresses (these can be found in places like A soft, non-wired bra can easily be moved up and down when needed and some women choose to wear no bra at all. You have to be comfortable, so just wear what suits you.

Take a Friend: Breastfeeding in public can seem scary, so take a friend the first few times. This person can be anyone from your mum to your partner but it could well be worth finding someone with an older baby who knows some good breastfeeding friendly spots.

Avoid Toilets: Try not to be scared and retreat to the toilets. You wouldn’t eat in there, so don’t feel that your baby should. You have a right to breastfeed outside.

To conclude, the discussion of breastfeeding may be taboo, but the process definitely isn’t and you have a right to do it. So, if this is an option that you like, make sure you pursue it.

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There is a good chance that your family films and photos are the most valuable thing inside your home. If there was a fire, there is a good chance that after grabbing your pets, you would also grab your family photos. This is because family photos tell a story – each photograph is a moment in time captured forever. More than a memory, a photo or a video is a crystal clear reminder of a certain place, person or experience. And each time you look at your family photos, there is a good chance that you are transported back to that time and place – almost like a time machine. Here are five tips for best preserving your family films and photos. Continue reading 5 Tips for Best Preserving Your Family Films and Photos

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It’s 5am and you’re up for the day, getting chores out of the way, getting lunches packed, making lists of things to remember and then waking the kids, getting through breakfast and showers and then dashing to work till 6pm. You come home and relieve the baby-sitter, make some phone calls, bring dinner together, help with last minute homework, talk about their days and at 9pm you get a moment to yourself but all you want to do is relax…You’re exhausted and dismal because tomorrow, it all starts over again. Yet you try to find the silver lining and so you’re thankful that the kids are not toddlers anymore. Sound about right?  Continue reading 5 Work from Home opportunities for the Hurried, Harried and Totally Pooped Single Mom