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Protect Your Family Against Phone Scams

There is nothing more heartbreaking than reading a news story about an elderly couple who have been conned out of their life savings by some despicable scheme. It’s an unfortunately regular occurrence and it’s not just the old and the vulnerable that find themselves on the wrong side of a fraudster. Phone scams are big money for criminals, but thankfully there are ways you can protect yourself and your loved ones.


Fake Services and Imaginary Products

It is pretty hard to tell over the phone exactly who you are dealing with. The fraudsters that succeed are the ones that do an incredibly good job of convincing people that what they are offering is the real deal. Whether it’s insurance, stocks and shares, low-interest loans, PPI insurance claims or any number of other services, there are a millions ways that they can get people.

So much is done over the phone these days that it’s easy to believe you are dealing with trustworthy companies, and it can often be very hard to tell the difference. All it can take is a moment of gullibility and suddenly you find yourself handing over details of your bank card to a total stranger.

Keep the Whole Household Safe

The government is taking action against untrustworthy companies offering services via cold calls, with regulations being tightened and fines increased. This will help a lot but won’t deal with the actual con-artists out there. A safer option could be using a service such as those offered at They offer services that can help block all suspicious calls to your home phone (or indeed any number you want). Services such as this can help to stop nuisance and scam calls from your home country and abroad, while learning the numbers you regularly use so as to never accidentally block any of your friends. 

Whether it’s your kids or elderly family members you are worried about, scam calls are a genuine concern, so make sure you do something about it. Instruct your kids to never give out any details over the phone unless you are present. Make sure that they don’t share any private information with anyone online as well, as many cold-caller lists are compiled from online data. 

Tackle Them on All Fronts

The key to stopping nuisance calls altogether is using a number of options together. The use of companies that offer services to block cold calls is a great start, as that will instantly stop a huge number of nuisance calls. You should also make sure that you never give out information in forms or online that might be passed on to companies and be careful to tick and un-tick the relevant boxes when you do have to give out information. You should also read up on the laws on nuisance calls so you know your rights. A good starting point is the BBC‘s advice on how to tackle cold calls.

You simply don’t have to put up with it, so avoid the risk of getting caught out by a phone scam of any kind by protecting your phone numbers and knowing your rights.


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