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Tips for the Best Family Pregnancy Photos

If you are looking at having some family pregnancy photos taken, you may find the following tips of benefit. After all, it is about creating a memorable image that you will be able to look back on for years to come, which makes it a very important photograph. With the following hints, however, you should enjoy the experience itself, and end up with a fantastic picture at the end of it.

Hints and Tips


  1. The best time to have a shoot is when you are between 31 and 36 weeks pregnant. This is when your belly is the biggest it is going to get before you risk actually popping during the shoot.
  2. Take any clothing that uses elastic off some two hours before your shoot. This includes your pants, bra and socks. This is because elastic leaves marks on your body, as you will well know if you are pregnant, and these marks will show up on photographs, even with a great deal of photo shopping.
  3. Talk to your family about what style you want the pictures to be. Will you keep all your clothes on, or do you prefer skin on skin contact? Do you want family photos or just some of you and your partner, or you and your other children?
  4. Make sure that nobody is wearing anything that is more noticeable than your belly. Nothing shiny or bright colored should be allowed. Take off anything that attracts light, such as watches as well. It is all about the belly, after all.
  5. Think about what you wear. More and more women now choose not to wear any clothes, or to at least be topless. However, there are no rules dictating that this is what you absolutely have to do. It is about you and what you feel comfortable in, and you must feel comfortable if you want the shoot to be a success. Of course, you also have to ensure others in your picture complement you in their choice of attire.
  6. Perhaps you want to include some of the things you have already purchased for your new arrival, such as a pair of shoes or a blanket? This is a great idea, because it will make the child feel more included after they are born.
  7. Do not put any kind of lotion on your belly shortly before the shoot. This is because it will make your bump look shiny, which isn’t a good look. Do, however, put some moisturizer on your feet and elbows.
  8. Trim your nails and get a manicure, as your nails will probably be in the picture as well. The same goes for your toes.
  9. Bring some lipstick and powder to touch up your makeup as you are taking part in the shoot. You may also want to bring a few changes of clothes and a comb or brush.
  10. Do not assume your photo shoot will be finished on time. These things often go over and you don’t want to end up feeling rushed. Those types of emotions show up on your pictures and they aren’t pretty.


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