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5 Fun Baby Shower Themes for 2014

Baby Showers are a celebratory event where all of your friends and family can get together to prepare for and welcome your new bundle of joy into the world. When planning your baby shower, you want to make it extremely memorable for both you and your guests. Do this by choosing a unique, whimsical theme. Here are 5 fun baby shower themes for 2014.

  1. Fun Baby Shower Themes for 2014Humpty Dumpty inspired baby showers are classic, timeless and adorable. This beautiful nursery rhyme inspired theme can utilize gentle pastel colors and cute decorations. Incorporate the Humpty Dumpty egg into decor or integrate it into the food on cakes or by serving eggs or even deviled eggs! This theme is light hearted, joyful and can be especially ideal in the spring time due to the color palette of light colors like baby blues and light pinks or yellows.
  2. If your baby is due in March or if that is when you’re holding the baby shower, consider a Luck ‘O the Irish theme! An Irish theme is also a great way to pay tribute to your heritage if you have an Irish background. This theme is focused on wishing your family and the new baby the best of luck in the future! You can choose a green color scheme, with various shades for some variety. Also include shamrocks, gold coins, green flowers and plants, and even leprechauns for a one-of-a-kind party!
  3. An adventure theme represents the lifelong journey you are about to embark on with your new bundle of joy! include maps, directions, compasses, destinations or locations and more throughout your baby shower. A fun activity would be a baby related scavenger hunt in which guest must go on an adventure of their own!
  4. Sometimes something as simple as colors can even be a theme! This year, many soon-to-be moms are choosing gender neutral parties. This is especially helpful if you are keeping the gender a secret or if you have chosen to wait until the birth. Gender neutral colors are usually light yellow and light green. Stick to pastel shades for a baby-friendly element.
  5. Carnivals aren’t just for kids! Have a carnival of your own for your baby shower! This theme is whimsical, magical and exciting. You can have sweets and treats, like cotton candy, and you can also include lots of games and activities inspired by a carnival or even a circus show! Have prizes on hand that your guests can win for an authentic carnival experience!

Whether you are having a small get together or a huge party for your baby shower in 2014, these themes among many others will be a great way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your child. All of these 5 themes are fun, whimsical, colorful and unique, depending on your particular style, needs and desires. You can find other ideas, decorations, and prizes on websites like┬á Whether you want to go all out with an intricate carnival theme, keep it simple with a gender neutral color scheme of yellow and green, respect your heritage with a Luck ‘O the Irish party or use another idea you come up with, your baby shower will be enjoyable for all, and it will be a day you won’t soon forget.

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