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5 Tips for Best Preserving Your Family Films and Photos

There is a good chance that your family films and photos are the most valuable thing inside your home. If there was a fire, there is a good chance that after grabbing your pets, you would also grab your family photos. This is because family photos tell a story – each photograph is a moment in time captured forever. More than a memory, a photo or a video is a crystal clear reminder of a certain place, person or experience. And each time you look at your family photos, there is a good chance that you are transported back to that time and place – almost like a time machine. Here are five tips for best preserving your family films and photos.

  1. Tips for Best Preserving Your Family Films and PhotosUse a scanner. There is a good chance that you have a few photo albums, and maybe a few boxes, full of family photos. The best way to preserve them is to digitize them. Basically, you’ll need to spend some time shifting through all the photographs and scanning each one. It is recommended to scan the photos at a high resolution, so that you can print them out if you want.
  2. Get a fire-proof safe for all your photos and videos. If you have loose photos and videos piling up, there is a good chance that the moisture in the air – or the lack of moisture – is slowly causing damage to your precious family photos and movies. One of the best ways to preserve and protect your photos and videos from the ravages of the oxygen, time and moisture is to place them in a safe. When you purchase a safe, you want to make sure it is fire-proof, because if the worst does happen, at least you’ll be able to save your photos and videos.
  3. Have your 8mm footage transferred to DVDs. If you have a lot of family photos and movies, there is a good chance that you have a lot of 8mm films laying around. These days, it can be hard to watch your 8mm videos, because there aren’t a lot of devices that are compatible. So, you may want to visitĀ Just8mm.comĀ and have your films transferred. All you have to do is pop in the DVD and let the memories keep flooding back.
  4. Store your photos and videos in a cool, dry place. When it comes down to it, if you simply keep your photos and videos in a cool, dry place, you can keep them preserved for a long time to come. All you need is a few bins, some labels and a place to store your photos and videos. Oftentimes, a garage makes the perfect place.
  5. Organize. When you do preserve your photos – either by digitizing them or by storing them, you want to make sure that you keep everything organized. When you digitize files, you want to have clearly labeled files and folders. At the end of the day, what happens when you want to revisit your home videos and family photos? – It will be a lot more convenient if everything is labeled and organized accordingly.

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