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Capture the Real Wedding Atmosphere in Print

One of the most important reminders of your wedding day is the photograph album. It is something that a happy couple will treasure throughout their years of marriage. Many people have videos that record the important parts of the day, probably beginning with the bride’s preparations and culminating at the reception, even the departure on honeymoon. Professional photographers have developed new ideas over the years so it is likely that today’s album will show much more imagination than those of your parents or grandparents.


Different perspectives

The skills of professional photographers generally produce something that records the day superbly but their role rarely includes informal moments that can add atmosphere to the record of the day. One way to do that is to get the perspective of guests. Many will want to take a photograph for themselves of the bride and groom, perhaps the larger family gathering.

There is another idea recently that can give a real flavour of the day and that is to hire a booth in which a small number of people can take photographs of a totally informal nature. It is something that is best placed at the reception and can be used by different people over a period of time to capture the reception as it progresses. Photographs will actually be produced almost immediately with each shot also stored safely.

If you are having a marquee then you must be certain that there is a level and stable floor but little else. Companies like Pixpod provide a service and the results will be as good as the guests who use the booth to take photographs.

Different people

One of the beauties of such a booth is that different people can use the booth and therefore there may be many different ideas turned into images for an alternative angle on the day. There is nothing complex about its use but there will always be someone on hand in case of need. On the day itself, people are generally having too much fun to spend time looking at all the photos so along with the rental will come a promise that the photos are available to access to anyone with password permission for a few weeks after the wedding day. The happy couple and guests will be able to order the shots they like after the event and keep them as their own memory of the wedding day.

Special requirements

It is worth giving some thought to any backdrops you might like, perhaps fancy dress to have available; anything is possible and the booth and accessories can be set up well in advance of the guests arriving at the reception.

The use of a booth is not of course restricted to weddings. It can be used for any special occasion such as a birthday party, anniversary, corporate or charity event. People are forever looking for a new idea and a photo booth is certainly that!

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