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Edgar Gonzalez Anaheim explains how Boxing saves lives

We all know that exercise and sports whether it be baseball or badminton is good for us and helps keep us free from disease but sometimes there is a lot more to it than that. Edgar Gonzalez Anaheim believes that the boxing academy, that he supports, the Who’s Next Boxing Academy has saved many lives in many ways. Gonzales who has worked in both Anaheim, Santa Ana and Orange County has set up a boxing gym for the youngsters and teenagers in the area. The aim of his boxing club is to give youths, including who have dropped out of school, another chance, a better opportunity than to turning to crime or drugs.


Lots of boxers including the English Prince Harry, claim that boxing helped them overcome depression. Often when people are getting over a major trauma in their lives the focus discipline and determination that boxing involves keeps their minds away from the bad thoughts. Then with the release of endorphins through exercise and healthy eating they begin to feel a little better. Also, it is clinically proven that our brain finds better answers to our problems when we do not dwell on them but when our mind is filled with something else and the problems become almost secondary issues.

Boxing gyms have helped a lot of young man get onto the right track. Because boxing is seen as quite a macho sport then teenage or men in their 20s do not feel ashamed to join a gym. Their friends are not going to ridicule them, as they may if they decided they wanted to be a gymnast or even a swimmer. Therefore, it is quite a common occurrence for boxing to help young men who are a little lost and do not know what direction their life is taking. Boxing can prevent them from being left on the streets, jobless and turning towards crime or drugs as a different much less productive means of escape and even earning an income.


One of the major factors involved in a sport changing your life is that you have to do it regularly and stick to the plan. Many boxers state that boxing or learning to box becomes addictive. You want to prove to your coach that you can take things forward and get better. Coaches will offer diet regimes and exercise plans for you to follow and therefore boxing becomes a major part of your life, taking up a lot of your spare time and ensuring that you do not have the time of the inclination to get in with the wrong crowds and into trouble.


Another important factor in the success of boxing coaches is that they have often been there, they have been the child who was a little lost and didn’t know what to do with their lives. They understand, they also want to befriend you and be the person they wish that they had had at your age. They want to offer a positive influence and change your life as they understand only two well what may happen otherwise. Quite often boxing has already saved their lives.




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