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How to choose best puzzle game for your children

puzzle-gamesWe talked in this post about the puzzles for children, so I will not affect the benefits they have for their concentration and intellectual development. What is essential, in my view, is that they are a challenge for children and a source of self-esteem rise if we hit the puzzle suitable for the child’s age. Mind you, if we fail, they can be the exact opposite.

Therefore, I believe it is essential to start with puzzles below their capabilities and go from there gaining confidence to tackle more complicated. The truth is that the puzzles that happen in the second or third attempt, the puzzle in question are dominated to the point to finish it alone. Here comes into play the memory and association of colors and places, which is also positive but on another level, but leaves out the strategy and the ability to attack and solve a puzzle from scratch unfamiliar. Puzumi can give you best puzzle game for your kids.

You may or may not agree to this technology as a child at such a young age and as parents is their choice, but what is undeniable is that teachers and educators have no problem in pointing out that a moderate use of a touch device like this is very positive for children. Promotes creativity, independence, entertain, sharing and the bonds of family unity. But again, like many things in perspective is positive and our responsibility as parents is the entertainment dose for the child does not focus on a single activity, however striking it for him.

Another exercise at home to understand the utility of adding. This time we use cards with the numbers to which we added the ‘+’ symbol and the symbol ‘=’. With the help of parts built in the style of LEGO , but larger, this is how we stack many blocks indicate 2 cards to score and ultimately put both buildings on top of each other to proceed to have the result .

The sums, with varied exercises here and there, go on to become an answer naturally is memorized from the games. Have opportunities everywhere, just trying to be a little creative and spend a little time to try. The sums, with this simple mechanism, have no small mystery and Carlos hits all questions with little difficulty. With games like this, and handles confidently with sums 1 , 2 and 3, and each time the meet with greater agility and speed. Roundominoes Puzzle is a good one for your kids brain development.

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